Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm going dress you up in my love...

Lots and lots to share with you all...

Thank you to those of you who attended style Miami.. It was a great turn out..

A few of FFF's signature bubble skirts will be featured in Closer magazine in either this month or next months issue. I will post the proofs when I receive them. The shoot was fun. Got to hang out and play all day and watch as they photographed some of my pieces on the models. Not bad for a random Sunday ;) Here are a few snaps from the shoot I took with my camera.

They even did a mini shoot of me. For what, I have no idea. So if random shots of me pop up on the internet looking like a loser don't be alarmed.

My best friend Nicole moved to NYC yesterday :( Made me very very sad, but I am excited and happy for her. I know it was the right thing for her.. Watch out NYC Nicole aka Butthole has been unleashed upon you.. Watch out

So, I decided this week that I am going to have a mass production line of re vamped vintage. There are a couple signature pieces of re vamped vintage that I did for myself over the years that I have not had the heart to sell or part with, so in order to compromise I have decided to mass produce... AHH!!! I found a vintage fabric distributor here in Miami, so the fabric will be vintage as well as the silhouettes. I am prettttttty excited... I am thinking of naming the line
"Ashley & Gemma" After myself and Doodles... My adorably scrumptious Himalayan cat.. Her real name is Gemma, but I call her Doodles aka Muppets... It's confusing...
I know. She actually responds to all of her aliases.. Poor thing lol..

I will be updating FFF in the next couple days. here is a sneak peek at some of my new re vamped items as well as Fabulous vintage finds