Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

This weekend my friends and I celebrated by 24th birthday. I partied all weekend and then had a luncheon with all my friends and family Sunday. It was really nice. My mom and her b\f live in a gorgeous house in coconut grove, so we had it there. The weather was also really nice.

I leave to NY Thursday to visit my good friend Lindsay. I will be buying for FFF on Sunday. If you guys are ever in NY you have to hit up The young designer market its on 268 mulberry st in Soho.. It's all up and coming designers. The place is only open SaT & Sun. It's a must if you are in the area.

I am very behind on FFF, sorry. I have been so busy with Poodlies that I have not had a chance to put up new merchandise. I will hopefully get to put up a few things tonight.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

They only want you when your 17, when your 21 your no fun.

My birthday is right around the corner. I am going to be 24. OMG i am going to be 24. I feel like i am still 15. Time flys, so my friends and I are having a birthday weekend. :)

Had a very busy day today. Went to many of my accounts for " poodlies" and then I went to meet up with a journalist from the Hurricane UM newspaper. They are writing an article about me and FFF, so she interviewed me and asked me lots of fun questions. They should be printing it right before the earth day fashion show I am participating in.

I also put a few new items on Fabulous Fashion Finds tonight. Check them out

I found an amazing photographer.. Her name is ellemoss and her photography is insane. I have been browsing through this girls photos and she is very talented. I love her! Check out some of her prints.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Ok, so you know that really weird commercial where all the people are hanging out in backwards robes? Snuggie blankets! After about 5 times of seeing the commercial and seeing how warm and cozy all the actors in the commercial looked, I was sucked into buying one.

I ordered and was ecstatic. Until I saw the grand total ,they had charged me for 6 snuggies. Buy one get one free my bottom. $100 worth of snuggies. So I figured I would wait until Monday and call and cancel. I call and the 1800 is no longer a working number. I call about 5 more times.. I start freaking out a little at this point, so I call my bank and they tell me I have to cancel my card. I cancel the frigin card and get a new one......

2 weeks go by i'm walking into my house and I see a huge elephant of a box at my front door. It's from SNUGGIE!!!!! I already know at this point that I am returning everything, but I am just curious to see what these famous snuggues are in real life....... They were horrible. They were so cheap. I was kinda sad. I was looking forward to being a snuggie fan.

Long story short. Don't buy a Snuggie. I think the best thing about the whole product is "Snuggie". It's just such a great word.

Ok now on to FFF.

Lots coming up this month. I am going to NY on a buying trip next week.
I am also having FFF's spring/summer fashion show. I am still in works with the venue, but most likely it will be April 4th. I will keep you guys posted as to where it will be. I am also participating in a fashion show UM is having for earth day. It is a fashion show with designers that are all eco friendly. :))

I also will be having the debut of Poodlies jewelry line, so there is just a lot of fun stuff going on this month. I am going to try and post all the new merchandise Friday. Sorry I am a bit behind, I just have a lot going on.. More later..

here are a few of my favorite pics