Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mountain air

I have been away the past couple weeks. I took a road trip to Georgia with my lover. We rented a cabin in the mountains. It was breath taking. We went hiking, went to farmers markets and sat on the front porch in rocking chairs and read. It was amazing. My phone didn't get reception for the 6 days i was there. It was euphoric. I love being disconnected from the world. I got to sit in silence and just be in my own mind and think about my life and all the great things that i have. The cabin was beautiful. I am sad we had to leave :(

Of course when i got to the bottom of the mountain( civilization) my phone started making loud startling noises. text message after text message, voice mails, emails.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I think my dream would be to live in a secluded place with my lover, sew beautiful things for people and once a month go into the big city and be with people for 3 days haha.. wishful thinking.. who knows anything can happen

Lots of catching up to do.


Monday, July 6, 2009

At last...

Happy Monday! I had a fun filled July 4th weekend. FFF is doing terrific. I posted a few new items last night. I told you guys about how FFF clothing was used in a spread for Wasabi Fashion Magazine. Well I finally got back the proofs and they are AWESOME. The editor was nice enough to do a behind the scenes video. Here it is.

more later....

HOME SWEAT HOME from adrien fouliard on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Daily Candy

Today FFF was featured in the Daily Candy.. Here is the article:

July 1, 2009

White Collar Crime

Fabulous Fashion Finds Reworked Vintage

bubble over!

Suspect: Ashley Nobbe of Fabulous Fashion Finds.

Wanted for: her killer revamped vintage.

Weapons: scissors, needle, and thread.

Crimes: Consider the suspect a master of disguise — reworking vintage garb into unique pieces. She has also been known to turn outdated, flouncy skirts into stylish bubble minis, moth-eaten sweaters into asymmetrical shirts, and tacky ’80s tops into off-the-shoulder cocktail dresses.

Accomplices: Although she has an arsenal of pieces available for sale at reasonable prices (less than $100), it’s said that she will consort with others about restyling. Unsuspecting victims meet her at her private studio, where she transforms their antiquated threads into covetable, one-of-a-kind garments.

Resolution: case clothed.

Available at Scarlett Boutique, 8267 South Dixie Highway (305-665-1234). For more information, go to fabulousfashionfinds.net. Map It

I have lots and lots of new stuff, so be sure to check out FabulousFashionFinds.net

You can check out the live article here