Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hot off the press!!

I am soooo hyper! I have had about 4 cups of coffee today. It is 10:30 pm and have no idea how i am going to be able to fall asleep tonight. Today was great. Fashionalities interviewed me and wrote 2 killer articles on me and FFF. You can read the articles at

Things are moving up for FFF. I am working on my next fashion show. Looks like it is going to be either April 4th or 11th, so I have to get the creative wheels moving and get things in gear for the show. I will be debuting my spring/summer collection. My favorite seasons! I will be sad to put away my boots, but I am ready to pull out my mini dresses again :)

I made the samples for my new Poodlies items. They are phenomenal, but I'm biased :/

I don't know how I forgot to mention this, but a few weeks ago my friend entered me in a sexy legs contest on a local radio stations web site, which is so not a me thing to do. Long story short I was in the supermarket and the VJ called me and told me live on the radio I had won front row tickets to the Rod Stewart concert. I thought it was a joke. I must of repeated the phrase " Shut up, are you serious?" at least 5 times.

Anyways I ended up really winning, so I took one of my best friends, Nicole to see good old Rod in concert. Our seats were impressive. FRONT ROW! The man has got some moves! Here are a few pics and some other random fun shots.


Monday, February 23, 2009

I have the soul of a drag queen

I think that in my past life I was a drag queen. I absolutely LOVE them. If it was up to me I would walk around head to toe in sequins. I am obsessed with anything that shines or has glitz. I have to always have atleast one sequins item in my store at all times.. This time I have about 3 :).. I found amazing 80's sequins blouses that I will be posting tomorrow.

Had a busy weekend. Went out Saturday with some friends and spent the whole day Sunday sewing. I have LOTS of new goodies! Here are a few...



Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fund raising

I participated in another fundraiser this week. Some of the proceeds went to an Eating Disorder organization. I have never been able to understand eating disorders. I just love food way to much. I guess some people have more will power to be a stick than others. I have will power for cookies and chips. lol
I brought my clothes and headbands to the event and did very well.

I got to spend the week with my child hood best friend. She moved to Brazil 12 years ago and I hadn't seen her since. I loved hanging with her again it was as if we had never stopped being friends. She left yesterday. :( Ok more Monday, I have a fun filled weekend.



Friday, February 13, 2009

Doodlies the poodlies

I feel like the weeks just keep going by faster and faster. I participated in a charity event yesterday. I brought all my feather headbands and vintage clothes. I made a killing. I feel so fortunate that in times like these I am doing so well. I have been giving Fabulous Fashion Finds a bit of a spring cleaning. My studio is pretty much complete. Unless I stumble upon some really cool vintage coffee table I think I am pretty much set.

I started making really cool feather necklaces. I will post a picture once they are completed. I had a dream last night about a fringe necklace. I am going to start making it this weekend. I have lots of pictures to post. Hope everyone has a great Valentines day. xo