Thursday, September 25, 2008

Here we go


aaand we are off! I say there is no better way to start, than from the beginning. My name is Ashley and I am a vintage clothes junkie. I have been a collector since I was 16 and recently just launched my very own Vintage boutique.

I just graduated from FSU. GO NOLES! ok, sorry about that. Anyways,I have a background in sewing as well as photography, so slowly but surely everything is falling into place. I was a Marketing major and some how I fell into the fashion industry?

I spend my days looking through racks, fixing garments, washing garments and then posting the finished product for the world to see. I know a lot of girls fear vintage b\c they think it smells or is "gross." Well, personally I think that is silly. Like every great history lesson, history always repeats it self and fashion is no different. So, my philosophy is, why not wear one of a kind amazing pieces that no one else will have and not only be original, but also recycle what we already have in an effort to help this beautiful planet we live on. So be sure to check out my store and tell me what you think! Talk to guys soon. xo

Here are a few of my fabulous finds