Saturday, September 19, 2009

A final fairwell....

This week has been one of the most bazaar/ amazing weeks of my life. Any question that I had before as to whether there is a god or if signs and destiny are real ,its gone.

I have been toying with the idea of moving to NYC for the past year and this week I took my biggest step.

I flew to NYC this week for some interviews. While I was on the way there I sat next to an amazing woman that just happened to be a designer too. She is the head designer and CEO of her company and has been in the business for many years. I was dazzled and both shocked b\c what are the chances of sitting next to a woman that too moved to NYC when she was 24 and followed her dreams of being a designer and 30 years later she is sitting next to me telling me to pursue my dreams. Besides her occupation this woman was incredible and gave me so much information and advice. It only helped to confirm in my mind that maybe this was the right step for me....... First sign

Day two: I had an amazing interview for a company that is not fashion oriented, but the position and industry is so cool I could not pass up the opportunity. My interviewer was once in the fashion industry as well and just happened to go to college in Florida 1 hour from where I am from.... Second sign

Day three: My room mate and I went apartment hunting to just "look". When we walked into the building of where the FIRST apartment was it just happened to be where the leasing office was for all 40 properties we were interested in seeing. Not only was the main leasing office there, but the CEO of the company happened to just walk by as we entered the builing and took us to his office, looked at our apartment list and crossed out all 35 apartments and left us with 5 apartments he thought given our specifications would be good for us. We immediately went and saw them and BAAM!!!! We looked at 2 units in the same building and apartment 3 it was. It was the 3rd apartment we saw and it is apartment number 3. 33 is a religious number and to many people a very lucky number. We went back to the leasing office, signed the lease and got our keys. 2 hours later some one called that wanted to buy my car and that was it.... Third sign.

Day four: I had to come back to Miami today to get some of my stuff and muppets since I didnt think I was moving up so soon. On the flight I sat next to an incredible girl that was around my age. Her name was Lily. Lily has always been my favorite name and what I would name my daughter. We talked about fate,destiny and astrology. My favorite THREE things. I felt like I had known her forever. It was kinda bizaar. She told me how she loved NYC and was thinking of moving up there too, but thought it was kind of eratic to just get up and go and that right before she had gotten on the plane she was thinking this and when I told her my story of how I was just getting up and going she felt like it was a sign.... Final sign

So thats it. I am officially moving to NYC on Thursday. I am excited/scared, but I have my muppets and my great friend/ room mate lindsey that will be there for me. I couldnt of planned nor asked for an easier transition. My gaurdian angel must be exhausted from this week b\c he was pulling some serious strings up there.

While I am beyond excited for my new step I am a little sad b\c I will no longer be able to do FFF. There is no space to store my shop or sewing machine in my new place. While it has been an incredible year it is time to bid fairwell to my sweet child. I just want to thank all my customers for there many return purchases and all the great media that my small company gained in less than 1 year. I will miss you all!

Thank you for your love and support

Ashley and Mups

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